Happy, Healthier Pets With Each Animal Hospital Visit

“I like to think of pets as if they were my own whenever I make a recommendation.”
– Cynthia Aswad, DVM

Animal hospital providing veterinary services - Katy, TX - The WellPet Center Veterinary HospitalOur mission at The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital is simple.

Our veterinarians and staff are committed to comprehensive, individualized pet health care for pets of all sizes. At The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital, we prioritize lifelong learning to ensure we are on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, so we can offer the best treatment possible. We’re dedicated to serving pets and their owners at the highest level with affordable veterinary services. This responsibility includes delivering our very best in pet health care and educating pet owners so that their pets can enjoy happier, healthier lives.

We like to describe our animal hospital with the following three attributes:

Quality – Quality goes into everything we do.  Our veterinarians and staff are driven by a standard of excellence that allows us to take pride in our work each and every day. When you visit us, your pets benefit from our care, attention-to-detail and complete dedication to quality and integrity across all of the veterinary services that we provide.

Compassion – Compassion starts with listening deeply to both you and your pet. By listening attentively, we can better understand the unique needs of your pet and how we can best serve them. Our veterinarians and staff treat every pet as if they were our own and work diligently to understand their unique qualities with a compassionate and gentle approach.

Friendly Atmosphere – We want your experience at our pet hospital to be pleasant and easy, so we work to create a friendly atmosphere that you can truly enjoy. Whether that’s welcoming you with a smile, offering you a beverage of your choice, simply allowing you to enjoy cable television in the waiting room, (or all three!) it’s our job to make your visit to our animal hospital memorable and enjoyable.