Health Certificate Information

The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital - Katy, TexasAt the WellPet Center, we understand pets are a part of the family and that you want them by your side when you travel. We are happy to help you and your pet acquire a health certificate to travel internationally.

Health certificates are required to travel by plane or boat, and every country has different requirements that will need to be met prior to traveling. These certificates are essential to help prevent the spread of disease to other pets and geographical areas. Prior to traveling, it is important that you know the specific requirements of the country you are entering. We recommend you start the process as soon as you know you will be traveling since some countries take months of preparation. You can start by referring to the Pet Travel website provided by USDA APHIS at the following link:

Vaccinations are required prior to travel for most countries. We recommend making certain that the necessary vaccines are up to date. Please bring all records with you the day we perform the exam for your pet’s health certificate or call and have your current veterinarian send records prior to your appointment. In order to give us the necessary information needed for completing your pet’s health certificate, we also need the Health Certificate Pet Information and Travel Information Questionnaire forms filled out and brought with you to your appointment or emailed to us ahead of time if possible. Our email address is

Planning for travel can be stressful.

If you would like additional help, pet travel companies are available to help. Here is a list of a few companies we recommend: