About Us

Personalized Pet Health Care, Delivered with a Personal Touch

“Our veterinarians truly love what they do. And it shows.”
– Michelle Hessell, DVM

The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital

We originally built The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital in 2012 after gaining a deep understanding that our local communities of Katy and Fulshear, Texas were underserving pet owners who required access to cutting-edge veterinary services and medicine. From the beginning we knew that quality pet health care requires more than excellent veterinary facilities and services: we wanted to bring a compassionate approach that would allow pets to feel comfortable and at home at our pet clinic whenever they required care.

Our animal hospital’s beginnings were humble, but our vision for delivering personalized pet health care that worked to extend the lifespan and well-being of pets was a success from day one. After just a few years, our original 1,800 square foot pet clinic blossomed into the 10,000 square foot animal hospital we’re thrilled to work in to this day. As our pet hospital facilities grew, so did our staff, and we brought on new and esteemed veterinarians and expanded our veterinary services along the way.

Today, The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital is fully-equipped with a comfortable waiting area boasting a 42-inch cable television, five examination rooms, 40 separate kennels, an independent grooming suite, a comprehensive in-house veterinary pharmacy, an in-house laboratory to dramatically reduce diagnostic processing times, a state-of-the-art surgical suite, radiology suite, treatment room and more.

Our veterinarians and veterinary staff emphasize client education to encourage proper pet health practices at home, while we grow our own unique relationship with your pet. Since each pet is different and so are their lifestyles and environment, our veterinarians take the time to speak with you while paying careful attention to your pet, so that we can understand exactly what they need and how to ensure they live the healthiest, most enjoyable life possible. Optimizing your pet’s health at each stage of life and ensuring they live to their fullest potential is always our veterinary clinic’s ultimate goal.

We’re proud of the veterinary services we deliver to pet owners and their pets from across Katy, Texas, serving the communities of Fulshear, Cross Creek Ranch, Sugar Land, Richmond, Cinco Ranch, Houston and beyond.

Sit Back and Relax

Sit Back and Relax

The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to ensuring your absolute comfort while you visit! Our pet clinic’s waiting room is equipped with a 42-inch cable television in our lobby as well as each exam room, so that you can sit back and relax during your time at our animal hospital!

Enjoy a complimentary soda and watch your favorite channel while we take care of your beloved pet. Our pet hospital is dedicated to your comfort and will make sure that your visit is an enjoyable one.