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Join us at The WellPet Center and gain access to a wide range of veterinary services that includes everything from general wellness care to advanced radiology and ultrasound, microchipping, boarding, grooming and more. Our animal hospital leverages the latest science and veterinary medicine to ensure that your pet has access to the best diagnostic and wellness techniques available.

Our veterinarians and staff invite you to continue reading and find some of our most popular services following.

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At The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital, we believe in routine wellness care as an imperative piece of the puzzle that is comprehensive pet care! We encourage you to set up an appointment with our veterinary hospital so that we can screen your pet for potential issues and ensure that their progression through various life stages is occurring as it should!

Visiting our animal clinic regularly and taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities can help to prevent conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, dental issues and a whole other series of ailments that can occur when wellness visits are skipped or otherwise overlooked.

We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your next appointment with our animal clinic, and ensure that your pet has access to the best pet care available!

From all of the veterinarians and staff at our animal clinic, thank you for your interest in the WellPet Center and for your continued support!

At The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital, we believe in routine wellness care as an imperative piece of the puzzle that is comprehensive pet care! We encourage you to set up an appointment with our veterinary hospital so that we can screen your pet for potential issues and ensure that their progression through various life stages is occurring as it should!

Visiting early and often can prevent conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, dental issues and a whole series of other ailments that can occur when wellness visits are skipped or otherwise overlooked.

We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your next appointment and ensure that your pet has access to the best pet care available!

Each pet is different and thus, has a different need for vaccinations and approaches to preventative health. Before vaccinating your pet, we will take their entire health history into consideration and create a customized approach to their care. You can also rest assured that as with all of our services, our approach to veterinary care is in accordance with the latest advancements in veterinary science and will help to create the trajectory for a long and happy life for your pet!

As always, if you have any questions or comments whatsoever about our vaccinations or any of our other services, we invite you to contact us directly.

Seasonal or environmental issues can crop up from time to time and cause difficulties for your pet. Whether it’s itching or an acute allergy that’s developed, Dr. Thurmond and Dr. Ping, alongside our expert staff will take the proper steps to evaluate your pet and pinpoint the issue at hand.

Treating the allergies of your pet can help to alleviate discomfort and significantly improve the quality of life experienced by your pet. To learn more, be sure to contact our veterinary hospital today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options!

Good health for your pet means looking good and feeling good, both inside and out! Unfortunately, arthritis and chronic pain conditions impact countless pets each year and can seriously hinder both the movement and quality of life for your pet.

If you see that your pet is experiencing hindered mobility or is displaying any other type of pain, we encourage you to contact us so that we can create and implement an approach to recovery for your pet!

Dental health is often overlooked by many pet owners, but serves as an important indicator of overall health. We recommend that you regularly brush your pet’s teeth, administer dental chews and bring in your pet for routine dental examinations as an effective approach to dental health.

Our veterinary hospital is proud of our comprehensive and personalized approach to dental care and we encourage you to keep your pet smiling year after year by bringing them in for a visit!

Radiology allows our veterinarians to achieve deep insight into the health and inner-workings of your pet. X-rays serve as an important diagnostic component of our health evaluation and ensures that no issue goes overlooked. When standard bloodwork and diagnostic evaluations only provide an overview, radiology often allows us to go the extra mile and pinpoint the exact issue at hand. Contact us today to learn more about our radiology services!

The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital also takes great pride in our advanced approach toward ultrasonography, which requires the use of absolutely no radiation, yet still delivers profound insight into the health of your pet. If you’re looking for as little impact as possible when it comes to achieving insight toward the health of your pet, ultrasonography might just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

When we expanded into our current 10,000 square foot facility, we were able to build an in-house laboratory in addition to the multitude of suites contained in our veterinary hospital. By building this laboratory in-house, it allows us to dramatically decrease turnaround times that are often needed to process bloodwork, urinalysis and other diagnostic tests that help us to understand the true and comprehensive health of your pet!

When you join our family at The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital, you also gain access to our huge range of veterinary services and the quick turnaround times that come with a state-of-the-art facility such as our own.

We want your pet to stay cool and calm, and so do you! However, itching, dry skin, rashes and other issues can often create issues for pets, much like they do humans. We can examine your pet for any dermatological issues that may be persistently bothering your pet. Whether we need to prescribe a topical medicine or another solution, we will work to ensure the total health and comfort of your pet!

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Alongside our in-house laboratory and other state-of-the-art service offerings, we are also proud to offer an in-house pharmacy and online store for your convenience. With both top of the line prescription medicines and their generic counterparts readily available, this service helps to ensure that your pet has access to the medicines needed to ensure a total and full recovery.

By utilizing our online pharmacy and store, you can refill prescriptions and select medicines from the convenience and comfort of your own home. Regardless of whether you’re treating a chronic condition, a seasonal allergy, or any other type of medical ailment, our team of veterinarians will help you to find the right medicine needed for your pet. We’ll also check prescriptions against the health history of your pet to ensure that it’s the best choice possible and fill prescriptions as promptly as possible.

Tragically, countless pets are lost each year. However, the fact of the matter is that a great number of these cases could have been prevented if only a pet had been fitted with a microchip. Microchipping allows your pet to be registered and selectively tracked within a nationally registered database, ensuring that if they leave your home, you can find exactly where they are. To ensure that your pet stays with your family and to prevent the possibility of loss in the future, we encourage you to ask our veterinarians and specialists about microchipping your pet at your next appointment!


At WellPet Center, our certified grooming service will have your pet’s coat glowing and full of luster by the time they leave our facility! Pets absolutely love our grooming service and the way it makes them feel, from head to tail! If you’re coming in for a routine checkup or other service, consider our grooming service as a perfect complement to a perfect veterinary visit.

*Please note: Current canine influenza (H3N2) vaccination required for all dogs.

For appointments call 281-394-2355.

All grooming packages include a bath, nail grinding, ear cleaning and anal gland expression.

Bath & Brush PackagePrice based on weight, $40-65
Mini GroomPrice based on weight, $45-70 (trimming of face, feet, and private areas)
Full GroomPrice based on weight, $52-125 (full hair cut all over)

Teeth brushing, medicated bath, de-shedding $10/each

At the time of drop off, the groomer will give you a definitive price.

Safety is our main concern, your dog will be required to be current on DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus), Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Rabies Vaccination. Your cat must be up to date on the Feline Distemper Vaccination, and Rabies Vaccination.

Please have your pets medical record faxed to 888-281-9442 or emailed to prior to coming in for your appointment.

Veronica Vonstage | The WellPet Center

Veronica first realized how much she adored pet care when she started volunteering at the Humane Society of Albuquerque in New Mexico. Right away, she knew that a career in animal care was the perfect path for her. Now, Veronica has been a professional pet groomer for nearly 20 years!

Veronica is a native of Houston, and learned the grooming trade in Albuquerque under a pair of excellent mentors from 1997 to 1999. She then moved back to her hometown to begin her grooming career in the area. As a member of The WellPet Center family, Veronica particularly enjoys discussing grooming styles with animal owners and seeing to pets’ walking and feeding needs during their time here at the clinic.

Outside of work, Veronica enjoys traveling, listening to music, reading, watching movies, and spending quality time with friends and family.



Whether you’re headed out of the country or simply out of town, The WellPet Center Veterinary Hospital is extremely proud to host 40 separate kennels for boarding, in addition to our grooming suite, pharmacy and other accommodations. Our boarding service guarantees personalized, compassionate care and attention for your pet while you’re away and ensures that they receive the very best care. If you have any questions regarding our boarding accommodations, rates or additional policies, feel free to give us a call or email us today!

*Please note: Current canine influenza (H3N2) vaccination required for all dogs.

For reservations call 281-394-2355.

Drop off/Pick-up:

Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm / 9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-11:00am / 9:00am-12:00pm

Every boarder must be up to date on all required vaccinations and free of fleas at time of boarding. Every pet will receive a mandatory Capstar (flea preventative) at intake for an additional $4.95 per pet. If a vaccination(s) has never been administered it is recommended to be given a minimum of two weeks prior to boarding. If necessary, it may be given when your pet is dropped off for their stay. An exam fee may be charged and, if previously unvaccinated, your pet may be placed in isolation at the current isolation charge. If vaccinations were given at a hospital other than The WellPet Center, the records must be faxed to (888) 281-9442, emailed to, or brought in PRIOR to boarding.

Dog: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Intestinal Parasite Screen
Cat: Rabies, FVRCP, Intestinal Parasite Screen
Pricing: All pricing is charged per night. There is a $10 discount for each additional pet housed in the same kennel. We offer a discounted boarding bath at the end of your pets stay for 35% off the normal bath price.

Efficiency condo: various sizes, $28/night
Large Run: 3’ x 6,’ $35/night
Small Suite: 5’ x 6,’ $45/night
Medium Suite: 6’x 6.5,’ $55/night
Large Suite: 6’ x 10,’ $65/night

All of our boarding pets are fed Purina EN dry food unless you bring your own food from home. We accept most food and treats. If your pet is on a special diet, we prefer that you prepackage the food and place in disposable zip-lock bags. We do not accept any rawhide products, greenies, or items that may present a risk to your pet while lodging. Such items will be stored by the supervisors until you pick up your pet. Personal food bowls and water bowls will not be accepted.

We can administer oral, topical, and/or injectable medications for your pet. Prescription medications should be provided in their respective prescription containers, along with clear written directions. Medications must be kept separate from foods. There will be an additional charge for administering medications while boarding ($5 per day for oral and topical medications and $8 per day for injectable medications).

Please mark all items clearly with your pet’s name. We cannot be responsible for any item left with your pet.

  • Bedding: Blankets and similar bedding are allowed. Beds or stuffed bedding that cannot be laundered using our equipment is discouraged.
  • Toys: Maximum of 2 toys per pet. Please understand that there is a good risk of misplacing these items due to our daily sanitizing procedures.

Payment and Insurance

At The WellPet Center, we feel very strongly about offering our clients options and choices – especially when it comes to paying for veterinary care. We want to make providing your pet with quality medical care easy and affordable. To that end, we offer a broad selection of payment options designed to make working with us easier and more convenient.

We accept payment for our services in any of the following forms:

  • Cash
  • Personal Checks
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover
  • American Express
  • Pet Health Insurance
  • CareCredit

Please note, payment is due in full at the time services are rendered, unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. All of the payment options above may be combined as needed, and our staff is always happy to offer guidance and to work with you to manage costs in a way that makes the most sense for your particular situation.

Ultimately, when it comes to paying for veterinary care, every situation is unique. You may find that you could use a little guidance in selecting the options that would best suit your needs. The friendly staff at The WellPet Center are knowledgeable when it comes to financing veterinary care costs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about payments, pet insurance, and other services. Whatever your financial needs or situation, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to make your pet’s medical expenses as affordable as possible.

Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance can help protect you in the event of an unforeseen veterinary medical expense. Depending on your plan and coverage level, it can also help lower your regular veterinary bills as well. In some instances, clients may be able to combine their insurance with any of our other convenient payment options to significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses. So, not only will those unexpected situations be covered, but even the cost of your pet’s routine wellness exams, preventative care, surgery, and prescriptions may also be covered.

At The WellPet Center, we’ve witnessed countless clients benefit from insurance. Our dedicated staff would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect plan for you and your pet.

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CareCredit provides an excellent option to help manage your animal companion’s veterinary care expenses. They offer a convenient plan that requires no payments for the first six months, allowing you to pay off your veterinary bills over time.

Clients with pet health insurance can benefit even more, since CareCredit will typically cover the deductible at the time of service and the insurance plan may reimburse as much as 90% of the total cost. This means that if you combine CareCredit with your pet health insurance, you could potentially incur almost no out of pocket expenses at the time of services, and ultimately only pay as little as 10% of the entire cost of diagnosis and treatment.

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