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Cynthia Aswad, DVM

Cynthia Aswad, DVM

Cynthia Aswad, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Aswad was working towards the goal of becoming a veterinarian. When she was eight, Dr. Aswad created a drawing depicting her future aspirations–and as a surprise graduation gift from veterinary school, her parents re-gifted this drawing to her 20 years later.

Dr. Aswad loves her life working as a veterinarian and greets each day with enthusiasm on her way to work. She is grateful for the opportunity to help pets develop and grow from the time that they are young to well into their senior years, and her cornerstone is the bond that develops over time with both the pet and their owner.

Dr. Aswad provides comprehensive education to each client on their pet’s condition so that they can fully understand the problem and the ins and outs of potential treatments. She believes that if a condition and the significance of treatment options and follow-up is fully understood by a client, then a pet’s health is better managed and a long, happy life can be achieved. Dr. Aswad focuses on making each visit as low stress as possible, creating a friendly environment that is full of positive reinforcement minimizing potential pet anxiety.

She and her husband have a daughter, son, and a Golden Retriever.

Dr. Aswad treats each patient as if they were her own pet. Her approach to veterinary care involves recommending the best plan for testing/treatment while also remaining realistic about the possible outcomes associated with different treatment options. She educates each client individually on all possible outcomes so that collectively, a solution is found that makes everyone happy.