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David Thurmond, DVM

David Thurmond, DVM

David Thurmond, DVM

Owner | Veterinarian

When he was five years old, Dr. Thurmond went on a hunting trip in the West Texas mountains. When his father found him behind their truck whispering for the deer to run away, it was clear what Dr. Thurmond would choose as his career! As the Head Veterinarian and owner of The WellPet Center, his ability to help animals now goes way beyond secret whispered warnings to wildlife. 

Dr. Thurmond grew up outside of the San Antonio and Dallas areas, then moved to New Mexico during high school. In 1991 he graduated from New Mexico State University with degrees in Animal Science and Business Administration in Finance. He then went on to receive his DVM from the College of Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University in 1995. He opened The WellPet Center to offer compassionate care to the animals of the Katy community and beyond.

Client education is an area that Dr. Thurmond especially enjoys. He also likes dermatology, as nothing seems to make a pet and their owner happier than when the itching and licking stops and everyone can get some sleep at night!

Dr. Thurmond met his wife Kim during their last year of undergraduate studies in New Mexico. They have two children—their daughter Kennedy and son Kaden. Their pets include a blonde Saluki mix named Dancer and a long-haired mini dachshund named Bongo. During the warmer months, they keep several show rabbits and a goat.

Outside of work, Dr. Thurmond is an avid sports fan. His favorite teams are the Texans and the Astros, and he enjoys playing golf when he has the time. He also enjoys coaching his son’s church sports league.